When you invite tradies into your home, you are exposing yourself to the risk that they are not all what you expect, and some are not even properly protected against the risks and dangers of working on your plumbing. To make sure that you always employ licensed and insured plumbers in Lismore, Mid Richmond Plumbers & Suppliers have some hints and tips that might help you.

Am I at risk?

When someone comes to your door, claiming to be a plumber, then you expect them to have the liability insurance that protects you, and them, against disaster. However, there are a surprising number of plumbers who don't carry even the most basic of insurance, and this can mean that not only is your plumbing at risk if there is a problem, but your own insurance might not cover you in the event of an accident.

Don't plumbers need to have insurance?

If you know anything about plumbers, then you will already know that plumbing companies like Mid Richmond Plumbers & Suppliers are required by law to have public liability insurance. This is the type of policy which will protect you while they are working on your home. Despite this simple fact, research shows that a significant percentage of plumbers still are not covered by insurance.

Making checks

The best way to discover whether your plumber does have insurance is to ask them for a certificate of currency, which is their insurance, and then making sure that the policy details match. Most plumbers will be only too happy that you have asked and will hand over the documents without question. However, if your plumber does object, or fails to provide that paperwork, then you need to think again about employing them.

Matching the documents

Of course, even if your plumber does hand over their certificate, then you will still need to check that they are authentic. They may have given you an old policy which is no longer in place, or their details may not match what is written on the page. In either case, this shows that they do not have a document of insurance.

Protect yourself with professionals

The best way to ensure that you only get licensed plumbers in Lismore for your job is to speak to experts like Mid Richmond Plumbers & Suppliers. Our business depends on having insurance, so if you want to know any more, contact us online or call 02-6683-2281 today.