In the middle of the global COVID-19 crisis that has spread to Australia, you may be wondering how you are going to manage to cope for the next few months. You may also wonder why some particular groups, such as your emergency plumber in Lismore, have been classed as essential during this time. Mid Richmond Plumbers and Suppliers Pty Ltd are here to explain why we are so important.

Demands for emergency worker positions

The Master Plumbers Association called for the government and health bodies to show that plumbing contractors are there for an essential service during this pandemic. While everyday plumbers may not be needed to install boilers when there is a serious virus going about, it is hard to argue that emergency plumbers are not vital to households and families.

Plumbing failures wait for no-one

When your plumbing stops working, or starts flooding, in the middle of the night, you can't sit down with it and explain that there is a global pandemic and plumbers are not essential workers. You need someone to help you solve your immediate problem instead, and this is why you have to call in an expert team from Mid Richmond Plumbers and Suppliers to stop water supply problems for your family.

An essential service

It is clear that licensed plumbers are here to provide essential services to those who live within the Lismore area, and that there is a serious need for 24/7 assistance even in the middle of a crisis. Without an expert plumber, you might have to contend with a serious pipe or drain problem yourself, and that could end up with even more profound consequences as people rely upon tap water during lockdown.

Preventing infection

If you are not able to stop water from flooding into your home, or your drains from leaking into the house, then you are exposing yourself to water-borne diseases, particularly if your sewage and wastewater pipes contaminate nearby drinking water. An outbreak of this type of illness would be the last thing that nearby hospitals need, so plumbers are vital during this challenging time.

Get in touch with a plumber today

When you need serious help from an emergency plumber in Lismore today, you need to speak to the experts at Mid Richmond Plumbers and Suppliers. We can help you to free yourself from plumbing problems, even at this time, so reach out to us online or call 02-6683-2281 now.